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Percussion at Farm Lake Music

Marimba Solos
A new series called The Crusade Marimbist is now in progress! These advanced solos will challenge your technique and inspire the listener . . . ideal for preludes or special music!

    Jesus Loves Me - a 4 minute arrangement that always creates "pin drop" moments. Vary your roll speed and dynamics for this beautiful marimba solo. 
                                                Grade 4, ready for email to your computer.   $15 

Snare Drum Solos with Optional CD Accompaniment
Just in time for Solo and Ensemble, here are several "really cool" snare drum solos your students (and the judge) will enjoy! Each solo is fine without the CD accompaniment, but students need the experience of playing with accompaniment to develop tempo and dynamic skills. Some states require accompaniment and these are great! Each solo is about 1 minute.
    Cool Beans - Grade 3+, 16ths, rolls, snares on/off . . . a challenging work-out
    Cool Breezes - Grade 2+, 16ths, rolls, snares on/off
    Cool Cabana - Grade 3+, 16ths, rolls, at the beach "Latin" style
    Cool Currents - Grade 2+, 16ths, rolls, ties, accents, an "electric" effect
    Cool Jingles - Grade 1+, 16ths, rim/snare drum set effect for Jingle Bells
                                                                    6 solos and mp3 accompaniment emailed for $15

Snare Drum Solos with Piano Accompaniment
    Soldiers on Parade - Grade 2+, flams, 16ths, rolls . . . fun for the young drummer
                                                                       piano score and solo part emailed for $5

Snare Drum Solos (Unaccompanied)
    Left at the Light - grade 2, features the left hand with a fun work-out
                                                                        solo emailed for $5

Drum Set Solos with CD Accompaniment
Start your beginning students with this series of drum set solos with CD accompaniment. These clean and easy charts develop confidence in reading, phrasing, fills, form and keeping time. Each solo is about 1 minute.

  Cool 50s Beat - Grade 2, the sounds of the 50s: beach music, fills, breaks
  Cool Blues - Grade 1, a first look at swing, 2 choruses of 12 bar blues
Cool Kicks - Grade 2+, pushes on the up beat of 4 into the next bar
Cool Tom Tom Fills - Grade 2, a first look at 16th note fills
   Drum Set Blues - Grade 1, straight groove for 12 bar blues and hits for another verse
Flam-a Flam-a Jam-a - Grade 1+, straight time, flam taps
  Giants Crossing - Grade 1+, straight time
  Just Call Jake - Grade 1, straight time
  Straight Time Stomp - Grade 1, straight time
  Wave Rider - Grade 2, beach music beat
  Uptown Beat - Grade 1, straight time

    Get all 11 solos with mp3 accompaniment now as a "book without a cover" and save! 
                                An entire semester for your students emailed for $25.

Bell Kit Solos
Why have your beginners buy the bell kit and do very little with it? The little keyboards were essentially worthless as a solo instrument . . . until now! The Beginner Mallet Series uses fun songs to teach double stops, parallel and contrary motion, dynamics, and experience working with accompaniment. Each song includes a piano/bell score, bell part, and CD accompaniment. These short solos are perfect for solo and ensemble, play tests, and memory assignments. 
First Waltz - Grade 1, very easy
     Two in Three - Grade 1, double stops on parallel thirds
     Lonesome Trail - Grade 1, western swing
     Two for Two - Grade 1, an eighth-note octave study
     Melody - Grade 2, eighth-notes
    East and West and In Between - Grade 2, parallel and contrary motion

                                                             This set of 6 songs and mp3 accompaniment for $15.

* If you want the CD accompaniment mailed instead of mps files sent to your computer, add $6 for for the CD and postage. USA addresses only.

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